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Your Monthly Wiccan Subscription Box          Is Here!

Treat yourself or loved ones to a little bit of magic with my beautiful monthly wiccan boxes.

Full of luxury magical treats to enjoy. Each box includes at least 10 different elements to help build up a interesting and varied collection of wiccan altar tools, spells, candles, oils, crystals, herbs, statues, wands, rituals honoring the wiccan wheel of the year 

and so much more!

Take a sneak peek at my February box! 


February's box is all about honoring Beltane the wiccan festival of love that is held on 23rd of February. This special set comes with a full Beltane ritual to honor ..... and bring forward ....... and ..... into your life. Sprinkle the .... and .... on the altar and soak in a bath full of self love. A selection of special herbs collected under a waxing moon to use in magic workings and an aura spray to cleanse and recharge you. waxing moon 

List of contents in My February box -

A powerful Beltane Ritual to Honor .... and bring forward ..... into your life

Beltane candle

Parchment paper

Red Ribbon

Sun Charm


Cleanse and recharge aura spray 

Set of 3 magical herbs collected on a waxing moon




Witch hazel and quartz tipped wand 

Self love bath salts and candle 

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Witch Box

    Every month
    Monthly wiccan goodies deliverd to your door
    • Full of wiccan treats
    • No less than 10 magical items in each box
    • Wiccan wheel of the Year rituals , so you never miss out!
    • Grow your collection and discover new ideas.
    • The ultimate gift of self love.
  • The Ultimate Witch

    The Perfect Gift for the witch in your life!
    Valid for one year
    • Give the ulitimat gift
    • A monthly box of luxury wiccan treats delivered to the
    • lucky recipients door!
    • This Luxury gift will continue to give joy
    • throughout the year
Compleat Altar Set
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