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Wiccan information and guides list~ This collection is always being extended   

The Witches Redes

Spell casting and the moon

Crystal Magic

What is a witch?

How do I practice wicca as a beginner?

Spell casting and the days of the week

The power of intentions

The power of Meditation

How to set up the altar

The wiccan calendar

A Natural witch 

Herbs and their uses 

How to cast a spell

Connecting with the elements

The Moon Goddess 

Going within, finding your path

Spiritual protection

The male witch

Elemental witch

The wiccan religion

Spell circles

The Sea witch

The Hedge witch 

Modern paganism 

The Types of witchcraft

Free Spells

Beginner spells

Egg spells

Wish spells

Love spells

Simple love spells

Self Love Spells

Full moon spells

Fertility spells

Home protection spells

Protection spells 

Marriage spells 

Simple spells

Truth spells 

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